- Houston Texas - Photographer - Photoshop Editor - Food Stylist - Architectural - Graphic Designer - 775-250-6236 -

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I am a Houston-based photographer who shoots for clients locally, nationally and across the globe.
I use of both strobe and natural light, either on location or in the studio,
brings a certain quality to the image that my clients really admire,
and with 15 years in the business I can deliver exactly what they want.

I first picked up a camera when I was very young, about 12 or 14. My father let me use his prized Nikon, a camera that I still love to use today.
However, photography remained a hobby and I ended up working in the Food industry. Photography was always there though.
In 2004 however, after deciding to buy a new lens for my camera (remember, gadget geek), I suddenly started looking at the world very differently.
I'm not sure why. Maybe I had matured, maybe I needed a change, or maybe it was the distortion on my new ultra-wide-angle lens.
Either way, I discovered that I was capable of seeing much more than just what the camera captured and
I started ‘making images’, instead of just taking photos. It was then that my hobby became my obsession.
Since then I have photographed just about everyone that is willing to pose for me.
Including portraits, fashion, food, commercial photos, Real Estate, magazine features,
events, artwork for websites, Music album cover! I just love taking photos!
But food photography is where I found my true calling...

I am also an illustrator and mixed media artist. With a combination of art and graphic, I found the perfect world to express my creativity.
My passion for traditional techniques (collage, drawing, painting) mixed with the digital ones, leads my work to something always unique, bold and eye-catching